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Steel Body panels that shall last for years. Seamless Style.


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No Belt. Steel gear direct drive transmission.


Electronic-Assisted Braking Sytem With regenerative energy
Top 5 Most Affordable Electric Scooter in India | Best Electric Scooter in India


LEBU Rock Wherever You Go!

Rock electric scooter by Lebu eBike makes your ride around town, through the mountains and daily commuting amazing. You get to have an enhanced experience of riding a sleek eBike.

Low Maintenance

Our e-bike is around 10-15 paise per kilometer.

No Driving License

We love our customers and we love the way they come.

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What we do!

What advantages will you
get using an escooter?

Recoverable energy

Unlock the power of recoverable energy with EVs, where every brake regenerates energy into the battery.

Quick installation

Experience the convenience of EV ownership with quick and easy installation, allowing you to power up and hit the road in no time.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

E-scooters are powered by electric motors, which produce zero emissions during operation.


The cost of electricity required to charge an e-scooter is significantly lower than the cost of fuel for internal combustion engines.
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