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Frequently Asked Questions

Increase in prices of fuel has made people think about an alternate cheap and sustainable mode of transportation. Switching from petrol vehicle to battery-operated vehicle is what people are preferring but they certainly have questions about e-mobility in India. Here are a few frequently asked questions about BOV's (Battery Operated Vehicles) or Electric Scooters.

Any battery-operated vehicle which has power less than 250W and speed limit not more than 25kmph such electric scooter are exempted from RTO and these electric scooters don’t require a licence in India.

Normal 5-Amp Socket is Sufficient to Charge Battery.

Battery will be charged 80% less than Two Hours.

In general, all EV’s i.e e-scooters have a load capacity of 150kg, which is equal to the carrying capacity of any petrol vehicle.

In India, we have a present temperature of around 30-40 degree C thus VRLA battery with 300-350 life cycle lasts around 1-2 years whereas lithium-ion with 1500 lifecycle last around 3 – 4 years.